Product Manager.
Digital Creator.

I am interested in everything Tech, Education, and the Creative Arts.

I help create and manage Top-notch, User-centered and revenue-generating products for Impact focused organizations.

I love to create digital products and quality content for the web.

I currently work with a Mobility Startup in Hamburg, Germany. I worked with Microsoft as a Category Manager for 3.5 Years and I have worked freelance for amazing startups and brands.

I run a Lifestyle blog at where I write about everything from my personal experiences, Tech, Books, Travel, Reviews, and Finance.

I write about my learnings as a woman in Tech and a Product Manager on my Medium Blog .

I am very passionate about the following:
helping businesses, creatives and Individuals fully optimize the value of tech around them in different ways. Education and Empowerment Creating Solutions to human problems.
I am super active on Instagram and on Twitter .

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BSC Computer Science, Covenant University.
Nano Degree Data Foundations, Udacity
Project Management Professional, PMI

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